Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bombay Bazaar and Sari Palace

I walk in and they are about to close the place. I tell them why I am there. The owner is kind, generous and excited when I mention internet and blogging. Despite my inhibitions he certainly knew something about blogs and the promotional benefits of internet postings.
I asked him what is your best seller, which part of the Desi group comes here most often. He smiled and gave very business like answers. Everything sells good but the sweets are the best. They are especially imported from New York and then are on shelves for a few days.
Perishable inventory seems to be the most challenging aspect. A large number of Bangladeshi population shops here for Fish and other specific species.
I know that maybe I should not be baised, bu t if I had to pick one store it was Bombay Bazaar.
However,  the owner told me sadly that Bombay Sari House(Next Door) is now owned by another party and they have not been successful since the owner has no sense of how to promote the products. I can understand that since there are blinds drawn on the store display window, the lights are also out on the signs.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chaat House!

 Here is a thought! get good and great Pakistani trendy food on a considerably fast pace. What I mean by Trendy is not fashion forward but more versatile. There is no regular "Dish" but plates with combination. I love the Samosas there... Have to say the best I have ever had!!!!

And the Mithai (sweets) are definitely the freshest in town... NO Doubt about it.

Good Stuff.. It is refreshing to see younger crowds coming more than older ones, this tells you that you are keeping up with the pace of the youth.

Apna Restaurant

Hmmm! Yummy Pakistani Food!!!

Well some of it not so much... I really thought the buffet on weekends was going to be a killer... But not so much I am afraid to say!!! I found the variety to be O.K. and environment a little may I say not dirty but overly used. It  seemed like a good collection but to supplement we ordered some stuff from the regular menu. I wonder if that is something they strategize for. So I would say a good place to go but only if you end up being there, otherwise, I found Sizzler down the street towards I-4 much much better... Alot more choices and better lighting.

Shopping at Apna Andaz

 Ok I know it is getting redundant, but I promise there is only one more with the word Apna in it. We tend to like "Apna" for many reasons, such as it reminds of us the unity and love, and also the specific nuisances that "we" have... it is funny I wonder why no one has made a Desi reality show on this part of the shopping plaza, going from Apna Bazaar to Apna Restaurant, to Apna Andaz. Where you buy at one place, eat at one and get threading and clothes at the last.

Apna Andaz is pretty good I must say. I go there at least once a week or at least once in 2 weeks. I like the clothes they have there. There is something very Pakistani about them. By the way, the clothes from India and Pakistan can almost always be told apart, unless you have never seen any and you are seeing one for the first time. The back has a salon, where behold, there is threading available!!!! Tada!!! Now that is good stuff... Threading is at the heart of a Pakistani women's survival, without it not much really can go on, sometimes not even the show! They also do facials, I happen to think that their facials or "esthetician" is some one that is the best that I have ever had, and I have had a few... 

So the down low is... Go there for threading, clothes like maybe for party/formal but not quite the wedding dress, and jewelry such as earings, but they do not have a huge selection of bangles. Now the next door place does, so you are in the right neighborhood.

I like the customer service although my mother-in-law does not agree, as her beautiful rhinestone bangles had the rhinestones come off the first few hours she wore it, but I said that is "Desi' you really cannot count on anything 100%.... 

Shopping at Apna Bazaar

Here is the thing,
This is the kind of place when people other than Desi go and say should I be here? It is really desi.... Not that, being Desi is a bad thing. Actually in the world of being Desi you want to be really Desi. Digression aside, to introduce this place, it is like a Publix for all things Desi. However much smaller, about half of the size.
So you go in there an instantly you know that you are in the Desi's food presence. That is the magic of our food you can smell it looong after it is been cooked and done for. But the place is true to its name, "Apna Baazar" meaning "our shopping store/street". People come here for many reasons from buying vegetables, to meat, to remedies that are just not available in USA, things like coconut oil for your hair only.